Trend Kids Care

Our Kids Care room is where your children can come to stay and play while you focus on YOU!
Please read our policy below about utilizing our Kids Care room. 

​Effective 6/20/16

  • STAFFED ROOM (available for ages 5 & under): Children ages 5 & under may only be in Kids Care IF staff is available. Our staff will keep your little ones busy with coloring, stories, games, and imaginative play. We know that kids love to have fun and play, and at this age they also love to be entertained and may have a hard time staying in one place for an hour keeping themselves busy without supervision. We respect all of our clients and want to make sure that classes are not disrupted by children being on the gym floor, and of course we would never want anyone getting hurt by any equipment. 

    • What does it cost? $4 for 1 child for one class, and $1 each additional child from the same family. Additional class time past one hour will be charged by the hour. $20 or $40 prepaid passes are also available. Purchase HERE

    • How and when do I make a request? Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance via email or by joining our Trend Kids Care page on facebook where you can make requests and see our current staffing requests. Plan ahead by checking out our current schedule. 

    • Do we need to bring anything? Parents are responsible to provide snacks (please no snacks with peanuts in consideration of others who may have allergies), drinks (only water in Kids Care), and diapers with wipes if necessary. 

    • What if I have one child who is under the age of 5 and one who is over the age of 6? Kids Care will still need to be staffed if any of your children are 5 or under. You will only need to pay for the child who is 5 or under. 

  • UNSTAFFED ROOM (available for ages 6 & up): Children ages 6 & up may be in Kids Care during scheduled classes without staff if: Your child can sit quietly and be self-entertained without the need for parent intervention for an entire hour.

    • If you decide to bring your child, ages 6 & up, feel free to bring books, ipad or tablets with headphones, or other quiet activities for your kids. They may utilize any of the toys & games available as long as they pick up after themselves. They do need to keep the noise down so that the instructors and the members are not distracted.

    • Children may not keep coming in and out of the room other than for a bathroom break. Absolutely no kids on the gym floor during any classes, for their safety as well as our clients. It’s up to you to make sure your child does not wander off and onto the gym floor or out the door.

    • If it were to happen that your child continuously becomes a distraction we will ask that you only bring them when staff is available or make other arrangements. 

    • No food or drink, except water allowed in the room when no supervision.

    • If the room is staffed for other children, please remind your child to be respectful of our staff.

  • Usage during private personal training sessions.  Kids Care is not available to be staffed during personal training sessions, but if parents choose they may bring their children to play in Kids Care (policies for an unstaffed room apply).

  • Check-in procedure:

    • Each family must have a registration card/waiver filled out with each child listed.

    • You must sign your child in & out during each visit.

    • Your payment should be given to the Kids Care staff on duty before the start of class or you must have a prepaid card on file.

**Please do not bring sick children to Kids Care. Thank you.